• Professionalism
    Aapka Doctor believes in efficiency at work and hence hires proficient team who caters to you.
  • Over the Top Service
    We ensure that our patrons receive one of best quality facility
    and not 'compromise' at any level of work.
  • Excellence in training
    We insists on harbouring talent for our concept and constantly work towards
    it by providing brilliant training and relevant skills to our experts
  • Clinical excellence
    We have a network of one of the best medical professionals in healthcare
    industry as a replacement for your organisation.

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Aapka Doctor

What happens when your doctor goes on leave and you have an emergency? Even, the doctor and owners are concerned about their clinics when they are not around. You don't have to worry any more as Aapka Doctor by Manjare Patil Logistics is there for you.

Aapka Doctor is unique, live and on time service providing healthcare company. We provide healthcare professionals to variety of organisations and patients at home.

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Upscaling the healthcare sector through healthcare system optimization. Connecting right professionals at right place at right time.


To become a leading service provider for improvement of healthcare supply chain management by customizing innovation.


Designed to support physicians with managing the back office functions of billing and collections


Aapka Doctor will provide its services to multi-specialty hospitals. If any of the doctor or medical staff goes on leave or on a seminar, Aapka Doctor sends medical professionals in their absence, which does not hamper the hospital’s work and patient’s care.

Private Clinics

Aapka Doctor caters to private clinics in various locations. If the owner or the medical professionals wants to enjoy his vacation, he can relax about his clinic as Aapka Doctor will operate his clinic and business.


If your doctor is not around, you can connect with Aapka Doctor and doctors registered under Locum will come for you. The medical expert will have your details registered so you don’t have to worry about your treatment.

Healthcare RCM

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the financial process, utilizing medical billing software, track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance.

Patient AR Follow up

It has been providing AR follow up for patient balance through one of our legacy companies. Our operational strategies maximize revenue generation while also ensuring a great patient experience.

Decrease costs

The constant elevation in healthcare industry continually demonstrates that improving clinical quality also makes care more affordable.

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